Leadership in Environmental Social Governance

Proprietary Data-Driven Cultivation System

Leaders in Cannabis Environmental Sustainability

DrazCanna's research and development began in 2015 under Michigan's Medical Marijuana program. The development group was comprised of individuals with cross functional skill sets and diverse industry experience focused achieving Best-in-Class Cultivation, Extraction, and quality processes based upon DrazCanna's patented Nutrient Optimizing Data-Driven Hydroponic System and Methods.

DrazCanna strives to develop innovative cannabis cultivation approaches to mitigate climate risk while ensuring consumer product safety.


DrazCanna's cultivation approach represents energy savings of up to 60% over tradition indoor grow operations.


DrazCanna's hydroponic system utilizes over 60% less water than commercially available deep-water culture hydroponic systems.

Geographic Location

Michigan's location provides for "cooler" summer time temperatures as well as an abundance of H2O. Geographic location aids in eliminating the need for air conditioning during the summer months.

Nutrient Optimizing Algorithm

At the heart of DrazCanna's hydroponic system is a predictive algorithm to optimize the nutrient availability relative to expected environmental factors for the next 6 hours


Environmental Social Governance

Innovating New Paths for Our Future


Patented Hydroponic System.
60%+ Water saving over traditional soil based cultivation.
No A/C cultivation approach with planned hybrid greenhouse represents electrical savings of over 60% vs. traditional indoor grows.


ESOP for all employees.
Social Equity in Hiring.
Employee Education & Growth.
Servant Leadership.
Commitment to communities and country to aid in improvement.


Publicly traded OTC: DZCA
Audit for FYE 2022.
Goal is OTCQB reporting.

About Our ApproacH

Commitment to Excellence

DrazCanna is founded upon Innovation. Our guiding principle is to be the best at what we do and R&D keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We seek to keep pushing conventional processes while producing the highest quality products for our customers. We seek to aid in the development of the medical application of cannabis as a cultivator and extractor (Edibles, concentrates, etc) to the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain.
DrazCanna's cultivation processes utilizes inert media as well as control over nutrient and H2O plant inputs to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers in the medical cannabis sector. Our approach to cannabis genetics include Female/Female and traditional Male/Female strain development.

Female2Female Reproductive Strain Developement DrazCanna

DrazCanna Appproach to Consumer

Cultivation and Extraction

Michigan Medical

Serving Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients (with planned expansion to NY). Products include edibles, concentrates, topicals and flower.

Bio-Pharma Supply Chain

DrazCanna's innovative cultivation and extraction processes are designed to meet pharmaceutical's strict requirements and control.

CBD Products

DrazCanna's development included over 125+ edible recipes and topicals infused with CBD for legal distribution in US


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