With each DrazCanna strain harvested, we seek “Top Shelf” placement within our dispensary supply chain based upon tangible testing results. Pre-packaging cannabis flower in our unique cost-effective branded containers allows for premium placement at our partnering dispensaries further improving brand awareness and quality association at the consumer level.


Since the early beginnings of our operation, we witnessed the evolution of developing consumer desire for edibles that are convenient to consume and most importantly taste great. We have refined our process and selection of flavorings used based upon patient feedback. Our extracts are segregated by strain to provide strain specific edibles to insure targeted consumer needs. Our line of sauces is geared to meet consumer taste desires that are superior and unique to today’s competitive offerings.


DrazCanna’s trimming and harvesting processes synergistic coordination with our extraction equipment allows for maximizing the use of “wet or fresh” plant waste from harvest to create “live resin” as a primary extract to maximize terpene and cannabinoid concentrations. DrazCanna’s Oils, Wax, & Shatter products seek to lead the industry in purity and flavor and provide a basis for our edibles and line of topical products.

CBD Products

Drazcanna’s extraction processes include CBD distillation for use in a line of topicals, edibles, oils, and concentrates for consumer use.


The market for topical products provides opportunities for skin health and pain relief to address a variety of remedies for anti-aging, skin disorder, pain relief, and wound healing. Our topical line is infused with cannabinoids, phenols, and terpenes. DrazCanna's Topical kits provide a broad spectrum of products to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our Success